Scam, kidnap by South African police

Scam, kidnap by South African police

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Scam, kidnap by South African police

Scam, kidnap by South African police

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Ah. Turning trash into light! So easy, so clever. Made my day click here Videos.
We need water to be clean. Plastic water bottles are clogging our lands and our waters. Videos. click here
Richard Allen, freed from enslavement, was told by Quakers to sit on "colored benches" so he bought land and built his own church and worked to free as many sons and daughters of Africa as he could.  The burying ground at 4th and Catherine was given to the city of Philadelphia, who turned it into a playground and are currently revamping the playground. It should be a memorial garden. click here
Guns are now legal everywhere in Georgia: in schools, airports. Nothing like putting guns into the hands of children and crazies to lessen the time between birth and death click here
Getting ready for high school reunion at the original school for girl geniuses in Sydney click here
Death comes as a thief in the night. I love New York. So does Bed Stuy Vollies click here
Candidate for mayor of Newark Shavar Jeffries comes from a extraordinary family of over-achievers who have been unwilling to succumb to despair after violent tragedies. His cousin is US Congressman Hakeem Jeffries, and early on his mentor was the great late Congressman Donald Payne click here
Would you put your shirt on Mr Putin, and help Malaysia find the plane? Could it be near the Philippines? click here

Welcome to current news,

Happy Spring Northern Hemisphere!!!

April 17th 2014, 436 days in Pretoria Central Prison: the Congolese 20 including Etienne Taratibu Kabila click here
On April 2nd, 2014, Philadelphians preyed on sick, hard-working, vulnerable. Without investigation, without intelligence, without thoughts for the human rights of a genius chemist and his wife, who survived the bloody civil war of Liberia, who worked hard all their lives, whose US Army veteran daughter served in Afghanistan, Philadelphia police decided that Vickson Korlewala and his wife had no right to freedom click here
So if I drive my 1996 Lumina into NYC and park it, anyone who wants it can take it and get it squished? I learned that any vehicle over 8 years old can be sold to metal dealers without proof of ownership. Hmph. I know my baby has at least 10 more years in the North East; maybe 30 in Nigeria click here
Spring brings business meetings all over the north-east; today the annual African Economic Forum is in full swing at Columbia University in New York. In my 8 years focusing on health in African communities, I have learned that the greatest cause of ill-health is poverty. And that the greatest cause of poverty is theft that is called "investment" that results in polluting the air, the water and in sub-poverty wages. Glencore in Zambia is an example. Zambia click here
Saturn is way cool. All gas, nothing solid, spinning around with lots and lots of moons click here
90% of all infected with ebola will die: horrible disease causing panic in 5 countries in West Africa. Senegal and Liberia have closed their borders with Guinea. What it is, what to do, how to avoid it, and audio interview with Dr Ladi Owolabi, son of Nigeria, physician and CEO of Lifescope Africa click here
In what parallel universe does a 14yo carry a gun to protect himself? In Iraq? In Congo? During the American Civil War? Has a war been declared in Brooklyn? Has it? click here
Cote D'Ivoire exports cocoa, the world's biggest grower, and France still has a grip on it. Rocky times the past few years. Cote D'Ivoire is sending one of the 32 teams starting in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil click here
Legal Aid South Africa threw a hissy fit when Etienne Taratibu Kabila asked for a bail hearing and told them his 6yo had been kidnapped. They dumped him as a client. He has written a second letter to the Minister of Justice of South Africa, included is the letter he received from Legal Aid click here.
.... legislation that it will grand dual citizenship to descendants of Sephardic Jews expelled from the country....Spanish motorists are more likely to honk their horns, insult or pass .. than other European drivers. And an Ernest Hemingway movie and Segovia, ah! Spain click here  
Romania was a Warsaw Pact country, under the influence of the Soviet Union. In 1968 their president spoke out against the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia; 31 years later, on Christmas Day 1989, immediately after a speedy trial, Romanian soldiers took him and his wife out of the courtroom in the deep snow, and shot them. After that, orphanages filled with abandoned children were seen, and many were adopted into the United States. Romania click here 
Holocaust Memorial Day at the Aces Museum for Black Veterans, April 28, 2014. Talk by the children of a Nazi Holocaust survivor. Their grandmother was a cousin of Anne Frank click here
The World Cup kicks off in Brazil in June 2014, and unless you are being sponsored or can afford the approximately USD1,000 per ticket, you are going to have to find a big screen television somewhere click here
Turkey is too important to go nuts. To Asia, to Africa, to Europe, and to half a million or so refugees from Syria. Prime minister cutting off Twitter? Too many of us inside and outside Turkey are watching this great nation click here

Lost plane, Russia annexing Crimea illegally, US saying rich Russians can't play with US dollars, and Russia saying, hmph, US congressional leaders don't even think of drinking vodka in the Kremlin. All too much. Spring is here, so let's think about going to Gambia for the annual Roots Festival click here
I had the enormous privilege of spending the day with Amnesty International activists protesting the death penalty and laws oppressing minorities and listening to the first person released from death row and prison because DNA proved his accusers lied. Story from Witness to Innocence from October click here
Universities all around the world are showing support with protesters in Venezuela. Meanwhile, Venezuelans continue to make news in technology, and continue to make music click here  
US Congress is debating sending $1 billion to Ukraine in aid. Crimea: the jewel of the Black Sea click here Ukraine click here
Bed Stuy Vollies is on the scene in the 2-building collapse in East Harlem today, Mar 12, 2014. They are entirely volunteer, the first volunteer ambulance corps run by sons and daughters of Africa. They are not racist: they work with and treat anyone in need, anyone willing to obey the rules can join and train as an EMT click here Send them a few dollars if you can, follow link to their website.
"Manhattan, especially East and Central Harlem, is home to a large African immigrant population. They make up a significant number of the borough's immigrant population who live and do business in the area.
The African Advisory Council (AAC) wishes to extend its deepest condolences to the families of those killed in this tragic situation. Our prayers are also with those who were wounded as the result of the incident. The AAC is therefore requesting your aid in helping families who may need immediate assistance as a result of this incident.

If you know of any African families who were affected by the incident and need immediate assistance, please put them in touch with us to assure they get the necessary help.

As you know navigating this complex system can be daunting. As a resource to the African community, the AAC wishes to make this process less complicated for the already distressed families.
Our prayers are with all those who were affected directly or indirectly by this tragic situation.
Thank you for your assistance with this matter."

Charles Cooper
Chair, AAC

Office of the Executive Secretariat
African Advisory Council of the Bronx Borough President
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The photo I wanted, and was not permitted to take - I was told if I took a photograph inside the courts I could be imprisoned for 6 months for contempt, gulp - was when Korto came down the corridor towards the court room flanked by 40 others, all wearing their magnificent t-shirts click here.
On a cold March Saturday, Amnesty International groups from Pennsylvania and South Jersey gathered at the Ethical Society in Rittenhouse Square to talk about their efforts in abolishing the death penalty, and police misconduct click here
New Jersey has had an official state climatologist since 1979. The job of the climatologist is to collect climate data, be a faculty member at the largest New Jersey state university, Rutgers University, and to have data accessible click here
Links on the Friday Night Movie pages are now all working. Links frequently vanish after a few days or months, we do our best to replace them with live links. A lovely movie to watch is the first in Oct 2012 click here. And on the 20th anniversary of the genocide in Rwanda, say a prayer for the good work of the survivors and watch a movie click here
MJoTA Friday movie: 3 fiction movies: using ebola infection as a deadly weapon; a rich girl born without physical attractions; an inspirational story about the healing power of love click here
United States Government Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is getting increasingly worried about the lack of regulation of e-cigarettes. Little children are being poisoned click here

Pictures I took of the Russian Consulate on Friday. Only 2 NYPD officers outside, lots of portable barricades. On that day, Russian president called US president trying to get some sanctions dropped. Russian politicians love parking their millions in New York City real estate, and at the moment, they cannot even visit click here

New Zealand is a lush island on the South Pacific earthquake belt where 2 young British professionals decided to take a break from cold gray postwar Britain before moving permanently to Australia click here 
Serious spring fever today in Brooklyn and Manhattan. No-one protesting Crimean invasion outside the Russian consulate, but a lot, a lot of barriers. They were ready, but it looks like Putin is ready to throw in the towel, or part of it. Goodonya economic Obama diplomacy!! USA click here  
News feeds and links to stories in New Jersey, the Garden State. Our senators are Robert Menendez and Cory Booker. And our governor is Chris Christie click here
Egypt has been ripped apart since last summer when the elected president was removed by military coup click here
The Land of the Rising Sun allied with Germany and took America by surprise in 1941 by bombing Peal Harbor. Do they still love Germany, specifically Beethoven, and is the heroic remembrance of kamikaze pilots widespread? I don't know. Japan is home to Nigerians. Japan click here
Happy birthday Angus, my first-born son! After a year in Thailand, you managed to avoid being eaten by a tiger, and avoid being caught up in a revolution. Come home soon! click here  
Ecuador: its main export is oil, but farmed shrimp is catching up. It also has a pretty good soccer team: the team is one of the 32 starting in the 2014 World Cup. Ecuador click here. Video of them playing click here
From Indian news feed: "The United States is considering selling and transferring some of its Afghan War surplus to Pakistan", "China's hardly in need of more territorial disputes with neighbors. Yet, it has started a new one with Indonesia." Aagh. Behave. Everyone. That means you. India click here  
Nazi Germany took over the nation of Austria in the same way the Russian Federation took over Crimea in March 2014 click here
Freedom of speech appears to be a problem in Malaysia. Now Sydney has a large population of Malaysian Chinese students; many do not go back to Malaysia click here
I am tremendously proud of my Irish mother, who managed to be born in August 1915 in Belfast, when all of Ireland was part of Great Britain, when Germans and Britons were slaughtering each other (and Africans, Australians, Indians, Canadians....) click here
Governor Chris Christie stops by South Jersey for a chat, and Tuffy's father requests medical marijuana to prevent his daughter's 300 daily seizures click here
German group singing "you are in my heart, you are in my soul." The German pronunciation of the words, the guitarist shaking his blond hair: ah. Germans at peace are, and always have been, spectacular click here
Cyprus, 60 miles from Lebanon, massive financial crisis a year ago, how are you doing? click here
Chinese movie where a dainty young lady by herself beats up an army of bandits. Scroll past the Chinese lessons. English subtitles. click here
Whole new appreciation for Barbados, after mourning with them a former Royal Mounted Policeman. Poverty forced so many to leave paradise click here
So an Iranian minister blames the US for the Malaysian Airlines plane vanishing? Of course. Iran click here. Videos, 3 news feeds. One has some Arabic.
When Brazil gets into the finals, they are most likely to win the World Cup click here
Notification issued on 3/12/14 at 3:00 PM. The New York City Unified Victim Identification System (UVIS) has been activated in response to the building collapse that occurred earlier today at 116th Street and Park Avenue in Manhattan.

If you are concerned about the welfare of someone affected by the collapse and are unable to contact them, please call 311. From outside of NYC, you may call (212) 639-9675. The American Red Cross has also opened a reception center at P.S. 57, located at 176 East 115 Street in Manhattan.

The sender provided the following contact information.
 Sender's Name: Notify NYC
 Sender's Email
 Sender's Contact Phone: 212-639-9675