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Emerald Pademelon Press LLC

EPP was started in 1997 to publish my fiction.

I left the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine after 18 years in 1996, as an Associate Professor, in order to care for my baby daughter and 3 young sons, and to set up my publishing company.

A lot happened, including those morons smashing planes into buildings at New York City, which made my career as a medical writer soar, but EPP has published 3 books:

  1. The Origins of Atherosclerosis by the late Kenneth R Kensey MD and I Young PhD, in 2001
  2. Tiny Dogs & Violets by me (using the name CS D'Alziel-McMaudie) in 2001
  3. We Felt Their Kindliness: Memoir of Aghanistan 1949-1951 edited by Os Cresson, in 2003.