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The above article was written as a last-ditch stand to save the organization. The elections for president were not held on June 01, 2011. They have never been held: on that day, the accountant, lawyer and book-keeper all recommended to the board that the financial accounting was so wildly off that the organization be shut down immediately. The house is no longer used for AAUW activities.

The article below I wrote when Nkechi was calling me frequently, telling me that she knew accounting and money and that clearly the attacks on her were racist. I moved into the house in Mar 2011, the week after Nkechi was sent a letter from the national organization, saying they were shutting down the branch immediately. I was ready for a fight, a friend of mine was ready to bring in Al Sharpton, whatever it took.

I invited my friend to a dinner at the house on March 8: oh no, she said, this isn't racism, this is Nkechi not understanding organizations and team-work. After a few weeks, Nkechi tried to get me arrested, pushed me, screamed at me. Oh my. Educated women.