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MC Iroko Auto Services LLC

4827 Woodland Avenue


MC Iroko Auto Services LLC

4827 Woodland Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19143-4433

MC Iroko Auto Services LLC is a one-stop shop for all types of motor vehicles.

The owner is High Chief MC Orji, a graduate electrical engineer who for many years kept planes flying in Lagos and Philadelphia, click here for story.

Everything is done by the book at MC Auto Services LLC, as I would expect in a business run by an aeronautical engineer with a perfect safety record of planes taking off, flying and landing.

The pictures left are of the shop, which is run by the High Chief with his assistant manager, his son Kingsley Orji, last picture. Both Kingsley and the High Chief are certified PennDot auto inspectors.

Kingsley is a graduate in automotive engineering technology from Lincoln Tech, who is on his way to becoming a graduate mechanical engineer. He fixes cars, loves fixing cars, and he will be managing the new building which is rising across the street.

The new building is additional space because MC Iroko Auto Services is expanding: you can see it through the open door.

I have included a picture taken from outside his new building showing his current building across the street on Woodland Avenue, 2 blocks from University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, and 10 blocks from the University of Pennsylvania.

Work done in the car shop is all about cars: fixing cars, inspecting cars, checking emissions and working with salvage vehicles.

Once the new building opens, the current building will be dedicated to body work.

I have visited the auto shop now several times, and know that the best part of the day is the evening, because cars from outside are corralled inside the shop. The High Chief tells me 16 can fit inside, which is a testament to the spatial understanding of his half-dozen workers. Like herding cows. Loved it.