Scam, kidnap by South African police

Scam, kidnap by South African police

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Scam, kidnap by South African police

Scam, kidnap by South African police


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Captain August Okpe
aka Squadron Leader August Biafra

I met Captain August Okpe Jan 28, 2012 at the memorial day for General Ojukwu, click here. The entire proceedings was recorded by Carl Umunna, one of his videos of Captain Okpe's presentation is shown below.

The memorial started around 3pm with a religious service attended by around 100 people, including the Ambassador to the United Nations Nigeria Mission. The sermon was delivered by longtime MJoTA friend, the Rev Dr Eneka Nwigwe.

Then the ladies fed us.

The second part started around 6pm, and was a panel discussion by 4 men close to General Ojukwu either physically, or by scholarship. By this time the audience was over 500.

Two of the panelists were Rev Dr Nwigwe and another longtime MJoTA friend, Dr Chika Oneyani, who is the publisher of the consistently excellent African newspaper, African Sun Times.

Then the ladies fed us as we listened to Rex Lawson highlife music. I saw 2 massive fridges jammed with beer and wine and what I have heard called hot drinks: Hennessy and gin. This really was a wake and at its peak, at around 11pm, I counted one thousand people in the Queens Igbo Community Hall.

General Ojukwu's people truly loved him. To his death and beyond. Completely supported his decision to secede, completely supported his decision to fight as long as they could. Completely supported the airwar waged by the Biafran Airforce, which I have heard prolonged the war beyond the predicted few months to nearly 3 years, when international sympathy started to turn towards Biafra because Nigeria and Britain were starving Biafrans to death. This unwavering support was not shared by non-Igbo minorities who lived in Biafra, as I have heard from relatives of Rex Lawson.

The third part of the program, that was expected to go on until dawn, was introduction of Biafran veterans. Captain Okpe was one of them. He spoke about being only 26 at the end of the war, and yet being the chief pilot. And his arrest and detention after the war. He told us he had written a book about the air war. So after that, at the first opportunity I introduced myself to him and invited him to speak on MJoTAtalks.

Captain Okpe has been generous to MJoTAtalks with his time, and we have recorded 2 programs.

The first program was recorded the Tuesday after the New York Memorial, and can be heard on this page. The second program was recorded on February 13, the day before Captain Okpe left the United States.

In between those 2 recordings, I collected Captain Okpe in New York and drove him to Philadelphia.

I love driving great story tellers because they are also great listeners. Captain Okpe has listened to commands and to his countrymen and to control towers and to his family. In Philadelphia, Captain Okpe addressed the Catholic congregation, and was taken to lunch with 11 others by High Chief Malachy Orji, who is MJoTAtalks Executive Producer, click here.

Don't even think about not buying his book. I can deliver it to you anywhere in the United States, USD40 for the softback, USD60 for the hardback, plus postage if I have to send it to you. The hardback is the bargain, and you will need it to give to your grandchildren and your great grandchildren. Because it is the best story that has come out of 20th century Africa by a fearless hero who followed orders but had an ethical over-ride.

The pictures on this page taken in the 21st century were taken by my cameras, mostly by me, in the 18 days that Captain Okpe came to the attention of MJoTAtalks that he remained in the United States.

His story was too good to leave on the shelf gathering dust, the day he left to return to Nigeria, on February 14, he signed 2 agreements, one was that I had exclusive rights to develop the book into a movie, and that I have the rights to sell copies of the book for him.

Two weeks later, I was in Nigeria for 3 weeks, up to my chin in his books about the Biafran War. I met Air Vice Marshall Abdul Bello, and another pilot from Captain Okpe's days as pilot, and then chief pilot of Nigeria Airways (1976 until 2001). I met his elder son, a US Army veteran himself, and his identical twin daughters: these were all born during the Biafran War while Captain Okpe, then Biafran Air Force Squadron Leader Okpe, was flying and bombing Nigerian military and economic targets at every opportunity. I met the sisters of the late mother of his children (a second son was born after the war), and he took me to Enogu when General Ojukwu was being buried.

I came back to the United States with a notarized copy, with both our signatures, of a copy of the certification of a new company Ganymede Movies LLP. Captain Okpe and I are equal partners in this company: at its start, on March 20, 2012, Ganymede Movies has 2 assets: the film rights to The Last Flight, and the film script for the movie of The Last Flight.

Where is the movie? When will it be made? Keep coming back to these pages. If you want to be part of it, contact Dr Susanna through Facebook (Wanjiru Susanna J Dodgson, I will accept you as a friend).

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Captain August Okpe wrote a book about the only thing he ever wanted to do: fly planes.

He called his book The Last Flight, and published it in Nigeria in 2010 and in the United States in 2011

After he signed 2 contracts with me, giving me permission to sell copies of his book and giving me sole permission to write the movie script for The Last Flight, he sent a signed letter to the Nigerian Embassy asking for a visa for me as his guest in Nigeria.

And so on Feb 28 I flew from New York to Lagos, and stayed in his home for 3 weeks during March 2012.

This visit included flying with Captain Okpe to Enugu in Amambra State the day that General Ojukwu was buried. He also took me to see a former air vice marshal of the Nigerian Air Force and I was his guest at the wedding of his late wife's niece in Lagos. Mostly what I did in Lagos was read through his collection of books on the Nigerian civil war and walk around Banana Island.

He was a good host: we ate our meals together, we talked about what I had read and about his life as a pilot and since retirement from flying and as a Federal Nigerian accident investigator, and he gave me continuous internet access..

With Captain Okpe as 50% partner and me as registered agent, I created a New Jersey for-profit company on March 20, 2012, Ganymede Movies LLP. This company owns the audio, multimedia and movie rights to The Last Flight. The certificate of incorporation bears both of our signatures, and was notarized by a Nigerian lawyer immediately before I left Nigeria.

The name of the film script keeps changing. At the moment it is called "Squadron Leader August Biafra."

God bless him for his lifetime of flying, and his good works when he was young.

Above, picture (c) SJ Dodgson 2012, taken on January 28 in New York. Below, picture from back cover of The Last Flight, taken when Captain August Okpe was Chief Pilot of the defunct international airline, Nigeria Airways.
Buy the book, send an email to or text to 609-792-1571.