Scam, kidnap by South African police

Scam, kidnap by South African police

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Scam, kidnap by South African police

Scam, kidnap by South African police

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I have visited Greece twice, the first time in 1980 I was pregnant with Angus and was uncomfortable in the August heat, the plumbing. But from the hotel window I could see the Acropolis, and I watched Spanish dancing and singing in the ancient stadium. After my travel-mate returned to Philadelphia from Athens, I traveled to Olympia, and was there exactly when the Olympic Games were held in Moscow. Wow. Olive trees. I remember olive trees and shady groves and a small Olympic Stadium that captured the imagination of so many in the world.

The second time was in Oct 2001, I was in Athens for an HIV/AIDS conference because right after 9/11, so many were afraid of flying, and I was very happy to fly anywhere.


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Location of  Greece  (dark green)– in Europe  (green & dark grey)– in the European Union  (green)  –  [Legend]
Greece shares land borders with Albania, the Republic of Macedonia, Bulgaria, Turkey. Greece was the birthplace of the Olympic Games, Socrates, Aristotle, Plato. Ah Greece! Weather this storm.
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Greece, Battered a Decade Ago, Is Booming
It is one of Europe’s fastest-growing economies, and while investors and tourists are flocking to the country, memories of austerity measures are still fresh for Greeks.

Mon, 25 Sep 2023 13:46:35 +0000

How Do We Feel About Global Warming? It’s Called Eco-Anxiety.
After a summer of intense heat, raging fires and catastrophic floods, a term for pervading dread about climate change and other environmental crises is having its moment.

Sat, 16 Sep 2023 14:48:02 +0000

Terremoto en Marruecos: lo que los turistas deben saber
El terremoto en Marruecos plantea dudas que también surgieron en Maui, Grecia y otros lugares muy afectados por desastres. ¿Los turistas son una carga más para el país o una fuente vital de ingresos?

Fri, 15 Sep 2023 00:59:21 +0000

Rain and Flooding in Greece Traps Residents and Submerges Villages
Greek military forces were called in to assist the rescue efforts. At least six people in Greece and at least nine in neighboring Turkey have died this week amid torrential rains and flooding.

Thu, 07 Sep 2023 20:08:22 +0000

Deadly Floodwaters Inundate Greek Villages
A night of heavy rainfall brought more flooding to central Greece, leaving some villages almost completely under water.

Thu, 07 Sep 2023 19:43:01 +0000
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Braverman says UN refugee convention shouldn’t protect women and gay people just facing discrimination – UK politics live

Home secretary to claim almost 800 million people could claim the right to move to another country under the convention

The Sun is carrying a story today saying Rishi Sunak’s “decision to stall the net zero ban on selling new petrol cars has seen him catch up eight points in the polls”. It is based on the results of this Deltapoll poll.

For a more considered view, it is worth reading this article in the i by Prof Sir John Curtice, Britain’s leading psephologist. He says the impact of the net zero speech on the polls has been much more modest. Here is his conclusion.

Whatever the popularity of the measures, if, as has been alleged, Mr Sunak’s motivation was to try to reduce Labour’s lead, it looks as though he has so far reaped little reward. Four polls of voting intention conducted after last Wednesday’s announcement have so far been published. Between them they put Labour’s lead on 17 points – just a point below the polling average shortly before last week’s drama.

Moving the polls is, it seems, just as difficult as dealing with climate change.

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Tue, 26 Sep 2023 12:56:59 GMT

I have taken up running – and lost my grip on reality | Anita Chaudhuri

In my mind I am now an elite athlete, obsessed with every small sign of progress. How has this happened to me?

Seven weeks ago, I took up running. In that time, I have gone from a bacon-sandwich guzzling sloth to someone with a fragile grip on reality. One sign of this was my over excitement about the Ethiopian athlete Tigist Assefa’s stellar women’s marathon win in Berlin.

Ah yes, I hear you say – a victory for womankind, a moment to contemplate the grit and determination it must have taken to run 26.2 miles in 2 hours, 11 minutes and 53 seconds. Alas, none of that immediately entered my head. No, my first impulse was to Google her shoes.

Anita Chaudhuri is a freelance journalist

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Tue, 26 Sep 2023 12:56:52 GMT

England v Ireland: third men’s one-day cricket international – live

5th over: England 65-0 (Salt 42, Jacks 22) Time for a bowling change, Paul Stirling reckons. On comes Craig Young, who has one job: to stem the flow. And he does, cramping the batters for room and going for just a run a ball. Miserly stuff.

4th over: England 60-0 (Salt 39, Jacks 19) Does Jacks settle for playing second fiddle? He does not. He has a gleam in his eye and he flicks Little’s first ball for six, then pulls for six more. Just for a change, Salt plays a straight drive for four. Alas, poor Little – when he does induce a top edge, it lands safely at short fine, and then Salt adds another four. That’s 23 off the over! And the fastest 50 in England ODI history.

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Tue, 26 Sep 2023 12:56:51 GMT

US government shutdown looms as House and Senate race against time to evade hard-right Rebublicans – live

McCarthy faces vote to oust him if he works with Senate Democrats planning measure to keep government open for 45 days

Good morning, US politics blog readers. The House and Senate are both back in session today and will make a last-ditch effort to stop the government shutdown expected on 1 October. According to media reports, the Senate’s Democratic leadership plans at 5.30pm eastern time today to hold a vote on a measure that will keep the government open for 45 days and include little of funding for disaster relief or Ukraine’s war effort that party leaders want. Assuming the so-called “clean” continuing resolution passes the chamber, it will go the House, where such a bill would normally attract bipartisan support.

But with extreme rightwing lawmakers threatening to force a vote on ousting Republican speaker Kevin McCarthy if he shows any sign of working with the opposition, and there’s no saying yet if he’ll put the Senate’s legislation to a vote. McCarthy plans to at 6.30pm today hold a procedural vote on his own spending bill – the same kind of vote that failed last week due to the ongoing revolt by the far right. The prospects of the speaker’s effort therefore remain unclear, but one thing is for sure: if Congress doesn’t make any progress resolving this today, the shutdown odds increase.

Joe Biden is heading to Michigan for a visit to a United Auto Workers picket line in what is expected to be a historic show of solidarity for an American president. He’ll be there at 12pm.

Now that they’re back at the Capitol, expect every senator to be asked if they think Robert Menendez, New Jersey’s Democratic senator who was last week indicted for using his position to do favors for the government of Egypt, should resign.

Hunter Biden filed another lawsuit against his conservative antagonists, this time alleging Rudy Giuliani and his ex-attorney tried to hack his devices, CNN reports.

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Tue, 26 Sep 2023 12:50:52 GMT

Military might, a makeover and migrant moths: Tuesday’s best photos

The Guardian’s picture editors select photo highlights from around the world

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Tue, 26 Sep 2023 12:48:47 GMT