Scam, kidnap by South African police

Scam, kidnap by South African police

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Scam, kidnap by South African police

Scam, kidnap by South African police

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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie invites South Jerseyans to Town Hall meetings

Above, screen shot from CBS video of Mar 13, 2014 Town Hall at Mount Laurel YMCA. Governor Chris Christie has just told a heckler to sit down and be quiet or get out. Dr Susanna is at the top far left, happily videoing the proceedings.
Below, quiet protesters hold up signs demanding that the Governor veto bills permitting fracking in New Jersey.
Bottom picture, standing outside in the -10oC weather from before the meeting at 9am until the end at around noon were parents and relatives of children with severe illnesses that can be alleviated by medical marijuana.

Governor Chris Christie stops by South Jersey for a chat. MJoTA 2014 v8n2 p0314

The March 13, 2014 Town Hall with Governor Chris Christie was the second I have attended, the first was on Oct 11, 2012, when he was in his third year of office. He had just traveled with Mitt Romney on a bus throughout some northern states and he told us that Governor Romney was going to win the presidency.

Ah, what difference 3 weeks makes. Superstorm Sandy hit 18 days later and blew away a lot of the houses on the New Jersey shore. It also blew away Mitt Romney, and blew Governor Christie back into office a year later.

But winds that blow never stop blowing, although they may rest. By March 2014 the citizens of New Jersey are learning that Governor Christie has been alleged to have bullied and strong-armed citizens and elected officials, and has been alleged to have used Superstorm Sandy money to advertise himself during the 2013 campaign for the governor's office.

Did he? I don't know. But I know that the audience in the March 2014 meeting was not as friendly as that in Oct 2012.

After the Town Hall I chatted with a small group of cold people carrying signs. These were not hippies advocating recreational use of marijuana, not at all. All relatives of children who were living with, or had died from, diseases which are rare and have been shown to have been alleviated by medical marijuana.

Tuffy's father told me that he and his wife have no other children, because every moment when each are not in paid work, they are caring for Tuffy. He told me that 3 physician signatures are needed to get the treatment, and if one decides not to give it, he and his wife have to hunt for another physician to treat Tuffy.

Tuffy's father has one simple request: that the laws regulating medical marijuana focus on the needs of the child. So that Tuffy has the chance of overcoming her disabilities, and so that he and his wife can settle down into building a good life for her, and for future children.

Medical marijuana has helped other children who are like our daughter Tuffy. Ricardo Rivera, Jennifer Velasquez. MJoTA 2014 v8n2 p0315

Tatyana Angelique Rivera Aka "Tuffy" was born January 17, 2007. Tuffy was first diagnosed with severe epilepsy at 10 months. Since then it's been nothing but a nightmare and heartache not only for her but the whole family as well. Tuffy has had EEG's that shows she averages over 300 seizures daily.

She was for the first couple of years sensitive to noises. Any sudden loud noises would startle her into a full out grand mal seizure. For a while we were afraid to take her out in public, in fear of her having a drop seizure and Tuffy getting hurt or people just not understanding.

Tuffy is nonverbal and extremely mentally delayed, with a mind a 10 month to 1 year old. She is currently on Keppra and Banzel. Her neurologist has suggested that she should be put on more meds but we have declined that request, due to so many other combinations of meds that have failed her past.

One of the side effects of the meds was tooth decay which resulted in her needing to get a Dental Restoration Surgery. We also believe that the meds have delayed her mental development as well. The medication is also believed to have caused her be aggressive at times also.

We hope that we can get more support to help Tuffy out with receiving medical marijuana. I have seen so many children helped with this medication and I am confident that this is what's gonna help Tuffy overcome this crippling syndrome. Her final diagnosis was Lennox–Gastaut syndrome. Which has been classified as one of the hardest epilepsy syndromes to control.

Below, picture from a Town Hall discussion in Mount Laurel YMCA on Oct 11, 2012.
Camden County New Jersey: home to the poorest and most dangerous city in the US (Camden) and a wealthy community (Haddonfield).  click here