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MJoTAtalks: Art Bearing Witness

Artist Omenihu Amachi is the host of MJoTAtalks: Art Bearing Witness. He has been talking to survivors of the Nigerian Civil War, the Biafran War from 1967-1970. To listen to recorded episodes, click here.

About American artist Omenihu Amachi and how to buy his paintings, click here. To link to resources about Biafra, click here.

MJoTAtalks: Health

Hosted by MJoTA Publisher, Dr Susanna J Dodgson.

Click here to listen to the audio episodes. Click here to access diabetes resources.

MJoTAtalks: Fiction. When Fire Jumps

MJoTAtalks: Fiction

Click here to access page with audio of "When Fire Jumps" A novel about the randomness of good and bad fortune, (c) 1998 by CS D'Alziel-McMaudie.

Click here to access page with stories of war by SJ Dodgson from the anthology "Eagles, Lightning, Lavender", click here. (c) 2012 and the novel by CS D'Alziel-McMaudie (c) 1998, "When Fire Jumps".

MJoTAtalks: Music

Click here to access page with audio of MJoTAtalks: Music, with host Irving Jean-Baptiste, also known as Irv.
About Irv, and contact information, click here.

MJoTAtalks: Youth

About Carlos Ginsburg, the host, click here. Access audio episodes, click here.

Did you click on the icons to listen to MJoTAtalks and nothing happens? Download the free sound player by clicking on this link, click here.