Scam, kidnap by South African police

Scam, kidnap by South African police

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Scam, kidnap by South African police

Scam, kidnap by South African police


African Health Dialogues

From July 31, 2011 to October 29, 2011, Dr Dodgson was the host of African Health Dialogues, a weekly chat program by mostly Nigerian health professionals. We did have some transcendent moments, like when I was hosting from under a tree at Philadelphia zoo, listening to Ann Todd call in about how she manged to convince health professionals to vaccinate against tetanus in Togo.
It was fun, but it took me away from my focus: which is reporting stories that other people tell. I am not the story, I am the means to tell it. So after 3 months, I ended my association with African Health Dialogues.

Listen to previously recorded shows on the blogtalkradio/africanviews.

July 31

Episode 1.

Discussion on history of healthcare

August 6

Episode 2.

Discussion on emergency medical services in African countries. I gave my experience as an extremely proud member of Bed Stuy Vollies, the world's first black volunteer ambulance association which was first on the ground n Haiti after the earthquake. Click on left menu bar for more information, also, you can read a speech by the vice president, Tamsin Wolff Esq, click here.

August 13

Episode 3.

Discussion on health insurance needs and achievements across Africa.

August 20

Episode 4.

Echos of Africa show. I was visiting the Philadelphia Zoo with the Mayors Commission on African and Caribbean Immigrant Affairs, and called in from near the pink flamingos. Anne Todd called in, she had been a Peace Corps volunteer in Togo, and when she saw babies were being born with tetanus, pushed for expectant mothers to be given anti-tetanus injections.

August 27

Episode 5.

Hurricane Irene show. Talking about guidelines for physicians in prosperous communities in African countries where people have access to hospitals and pharmacists and physicians. Mrs Abiola Saba called in to talk about her personal hand-washing campaign in Nigeria. Listen by clicking here.

September 3

Episode 6.

We are talking about malaria. Link to articles published in MJoTA on malaria here.

September 10

Episode 7.

We talked about the burden of HIV/AIDS, prevention, access to medications. Articles published in MJoTA on HIV/AIDS, click here.

September 17

Episode 8.

Life expectancy.