Scam, kidnap by South African police

Scam, kidnap by South African police

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Scam, kidnap by South African police

Scam, kidnap by South African police

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Soeur Madeleine Mbiya is a daughter of Congo who lives in South Africa. She has made some music videos that I love. Listen to her music click here.
South Africa
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Nelson Mandela click here

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Changing currency in South Africa click here
Paths out of poverty start with clean school toilets click here
Pictures above and right, I took at the World Cafe Live, in Philadelphia, during a concert by the integrated South African band, Freshlyground in July 2011. I love the picture of the line to get merchandise signed by Freshly Ground band members. Reminds me of the photo in 1994 when South Africans were lining up to vote for the first time. And they voted for Nelson Mandela. Who was later awarded the Nobel Peace Prize with F de Klerk, click here.
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These 2 pictures I took during a celebration of the 15th anniversary of the end of apartheid in South Africa in May 2009. Cuyler Gore in Brooklyn.
News feed from South Africa: Times Live from Johannesburg

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Kabilagate in South Africa and the Democratic Republic of Congo click here
US citizen who is a son of Congo is arrested in South Africa click here
Helen Suzman managed to stay in parliament in South Africa for 36 years, representing a Johannesburg electorate. From 1953 to 1989 she was the only consistent liberal voice opposing apartheid click here
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2023 Rugby: South Africa Stand Alone After World Cup Title
Ireland and France entered the World Cup as favorites, but South Africa won it by beating New Zealand in a meeting of the sport’s traditional champions.

Fri, 08 Dec 2023 10:04:18 +0000

This Building Was Deemed ‘Outright Inhumane.’ But They Say It’s Home.
Residents of a Johannesburg building know it is every bit as dangerous as one that burned in August, killing 77. But it’s a home, one they might not otherwise have, and a place to pursue their dreams and aspirations.

Tue, 05 Dec 2023 16:07:11 +0000

‘Modern Love Podcast’: Our 34-Year Age Gap Didn’t Matter, Until It Did
Sonja Falck was happily married to a man 34 years her senior. When their age gap started to test their bond, they had to change their relationship in order to save it.

Wed, 29 Nov 2023 11:12:16 +0000

Oscar Pistorius, Olympic Athlete Convicted of Murder, to Be Paroled
The South African sprinter, who garnered global headlines after killing his girlfriend in 2013, will be released in January after meeting the requirements for parole.

Fri, 24 Nov 2023 16:25:19 +0000

At BRICS Summit, Countries Diverge Slightly on Israel and War in Gaza
They called for the release of all civilians who are being illegally held captive, as well as a humanitarian truce that would lead to a cessation of hostilities.

Tue, 21 Nov 2023 20:53:09 +0000
South Africa. SJ Dodgson. MJoTA 2012 v6n1 p0612

I am often told I come from South Africa, I have an off-British voice, I wear African clothes and am pale. We always want to put things and people in context, and South Africa fits who I am. I have never been to South Africa, but this southern-most country in Africa is pulling me.

I remember South Africa was a part of my life growing up in Australia. My mother was working as a physician at the Australian Veterans' Affairs, called Repatriation, and in about 1970 she moved from her paperwork job in the center if Sydney to a building next to the big public swimming pool next to Central Railway. I walked around their when I was visiting my brothers in 2010, the pool was gone, the building was gone, my mother was gone.

But I remember my mother and her boss, who was a South African Jew. He frequently hosted other South African Jews, who were doing all they could to overturn apartheid.

South Africa and Australia are both in the southern hemisphere, and I remember a party in Sydney in 1985 which was loud. The next door neighbor came to complain, saying he had just flown his own plane from South Africa. This was quite a feat, over all of the Indian Ocean and all of Australia, so we invited him in and celebrated him in ways Australians do best.

Long before then, I knew about South Africa as a country with an amazing medical system, which produced the world's first heart transplant in 1967. I remember so well the day it was reported. I was 16, and after school had spent the afternoon on the City of Sydney Public Library borrowing enough books to last me a week. I was waiting for a bus next to Hyde Park, and I saw a headline, saying that in South Africa, a beating heart from one person had been sewn into another person.

Dr Christiaan Barnard in Groote Schuur Hospital in Capetown. He instantly became a superstar.

His brother Marius Barnard was a heart surgeon on the team of the first heart transplant with Christiaan Barnard, and he kept fixing people's hearts, and invented catastrophic medical insurance. He is still living, still working.

Hard work, and belief you can do something took the Drs Barnard a long way, and their faithfulness has impacted the lives of a lot, a lot of people.

I loved reading this week of a man in England who decided that the pinnacle of his achievements as a master engraver was to engrave on the sharp end of a razor blade the words "Nothing is impossible". He is described as swimming compulsively to lower his heart rate, and using a stethoscope during his night engraving sessions so that he only engraved in the time when his heart was not beating. Nothing is impossible, indeed!

MJoTA has published a lot about South Africa, to access these resources, click here. news feed

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News24 | IN PICS | Parts of AmaMpondo royal house catch fire, no one injured
Parts of the AmaMpondo royal house were destroyed when a rondavel caught fire.

Saturday Dec 09 2023 11:50:28

News24 | DOCCIE TRAILER | Blood on the Tracks: The Battle for Cape Town's Central Line
Cape Town's Central Line, once the busiest of all passenger rail corridors in South Africa, has been destroyed by theft and vandalism. Efforts to fix the track have been met with extreme violence.

Saturday Dec 09 2023 10:52:24

News24 | Return of Shosholoza Meyl train service marred by cable theft
Shosholoza Meyl passengers who were traveling from Johannesburg to Cape Town had to continue the rest of their trip by bus after overhead wire cables were stolen between Kaalfontein and Muldersvlei.

Saturday Dec 09 2023 10:16:13

News24 | Life sentences all round for Crossroads mass shooter
The Crossroads mass shooter Yolisa Tshaya got three life sentences for one of the mass shootings that terrified Capetonians during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Saturday Dec 09 2023 10:15:28

News24 | 7 dead, 52 injured as bus veers off Long Tom Pass in Mpumalanga
Seven people were killed and 52 were injured when a bus veered off the road on Long Tom Pass in Mpumalanga, and went down a cliff.

Saturday Dec 09 2023 09:40:46

News24 | Lottery whistleblower is one of five South Africans to win international award
Former National Lotteries Commission employee Mzukisi Makatse, who paid a high price for blowing the whistle on a dodgy lottery grant, has won an international award that celebrates whistleblowers.

Saturday Dec 09 2023 09:35:49

News24 | 'We woke up and watched them take the bodies out': Criminals terrorise old gold mining area
Four years after notorious gang leader Mnyamane was shot by police, Roodepoort families still live in fear of criminal syndicates in the area.

Saturday Dec 09 2023 09:21:50

News24 | 'No prima facie evidence' supporting Hlophe's claims that his deputy was racist – JSC
Suspended Western Cape Judge President John Hlophe's accusations that his deputy, Patricia Goliath, used the k-word and was "racist" were not backed up by his now ex-wife or substantiated by "prima facie" evidence, according to the Judicial Service Commission.

Saturday Dec 09 2023 09:04:57
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